Lexington, KY — FGX SepTech, LLC will be attending the International Coal Prep Exhibit 2010 and International Coal Prep Congress (ICPC) in Lexington, Kentucky.

Coal Prep and ICPC, which will be running from Apr. 26th to 29th and Apr. 25th to 29th, respectively, are two of the most important events for coal prep community around the world. We will have two booths in the show including an indoor booth (#1024) and an outdoor booth, respectively. The outdoor booth will be set up on the patio of Lexington Center, facing the Tucker Street parking lot. FGX SepTech will be the only exhibitor to have outdoor exhibit space and FGX dry coal processing demonstrations will be performed during the show for the Coal Prep and ICPC attendees. If you need a guest pass to the exhibition, please let us know by email at fgxseptech@gmail.com We look forward to seeing you in Lexington.

FGX SepTech, LLC is the supplier of FGX series dry coal separators. The FGX dry coal processing is a proprietary dry coal processing technology developed by Tangshan Shenzhou Manufacturing, Co. Ltd (TSM), headquartered in Tangshan, China. FGX SepTech, teamed with TSM, will be fully dedicated toward becoming a worldwide leading dry coal processing solution provider through focusing on customer satisfaction and technical excellence.