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It is becoming increasing more difficult to obtain mining permits under the burdensome regulations established for the industry today. The longer it takes for a permit to be obtained, the less valuable the project becomes.  With today’s administration focusing heavily on environmental factors it is almost impossible to acquire permitting for a water preparation plant.

FGX Dry Coal Separators provide a better solution for coal preparation. FGX technology is a completely dry process that uses no water and only requires an air quality permit, which can easily be obtained in just 3 months in most states.  Not only is FGX technology cost effective, it is also environmentally friendly as it captures over 98% of fugitive dust.

Wasting time struggling to obtain permitting for a more expensive water preparation plant will only hurt your bottom line. FGX is easier to permit and has much lower operating costs. Don’t wait any longer, schedule a test with FGX today!